The management of your contact preferences, including unsubscribe from email lists, takes place safely in a special personal area.

Access to your personal area is via a disposable code that is sent to you via email every time you want to log in.

Enter in the form on the side your email that you used to subscribe, that is the email where you receive our messages, and click on "Get Code to log in".

After a few moments, you will find in your inbox an email from us with the code that you will need to insert on the page that will open after pressing the code request button.

Do you need help?

To access you must enter the email address you used to subscribe (the email where you receive our messages) and click on "Get Code To Login". Check your email and enter the confirmation code on the next page.

You can find more information by consulting our guides clic here.

In addition, we recommend that you also read the F.A.Q., the most frequently asked questions, reachable clic here.

In case you can't find the information you are looking for, you can always count on our technical support, reachable clic here.

The assistance tickets are processed on average within 24 working hours from the sending of the request.