No to spam

Our platform is intended for the sole and exclusive purpose of sending communications to recipients who have accepted and confirmed that they wish to receive communications from MegaMTA. This practice is called Permission-based Marketing. No other commercial use is accepted and permitted.

Consistent with this goal, MegaMTA applies a strict spam intolerance policy, starting with the communication verification process, based on the M3AAWG best practices and on systematic monitoring of all activities.

Constant monitoring and verification

MegaMTA monitors the platform to ensure compliance with this Policy, and suspends submissions in the event of technical violations. In addition to monitoring the current activity of the platform, MegaMTA also analyzes and evaluates possible future risks, with the aim of creating an ethical communication platform. The verification and analysis process is based on M3AAWG's Vetting Best Common Practices.

Relations with ISPs

Over the years MegaMTA has built relationships with many of the world's leading ISPs and blacklists, with whom the sharing of information relating to policies, practices and potential issues is constant..

The support of any ISP, email administrator or blacklist owner, who intends to help MegaMTA to provide a better service or to collaborate, is welcome, and is invited to write to

Rule of conduct

MegaMTA obtains the contact details of the Users in accordance with the regulations applied in the country of origin or in the country of destination of the communications. When obtaining the contact details, MegaMTA informs the User, in a clear and transparent way, about the direct marketing uses that will be made; Furthermore, it is possible to refuse such use at any time, easily unsubscribing for any future sending. This possibility of unsubscribing is offered in each direct marketing communication free of charge, with the exception of any costs related to the transmission of the unsubscribe request (an SMS, for example).

We do not use false identities or false addresses or response numbers; consequently MegaMTA does not exclude taking action to prevent, avoid or repress any attempt that goes in this direction.

Spam reporting

The MegaMTA team constantly monitors the sending of communications to ensure compliance with the rules and the absence of abuse. If you think you are the victim of abuse or a spam incident:

  • Fill out the specific form and our systems will process the request as quickly as possible.
  • If you do not receive a reply, please contact our abuse desk directly at Describe the incident in detail, attach the offending communication.

Your report will help us verify any violation of MegaMTA systems.

Other information to email recipients

We invite every subscriber to our database to always consider and examine the sender and the subject of incoming messages, to eliminate all those not requested and avoid downloading the remaining content (to do this it may be necessary to deactivate the "Preview" function), in order to reduce the risks associated with downloading junk email, which may contain insecure code or potential phishing.

Your Privacy is protected by MegaMTA

The safest way to manage your privacy or unsubscribe from the MegaMTA database is to click on the unsubscribe link (or similar) at the bottom of each email that MegaMTA sends.

  • If the unsubscribe link is not present or not working (returns error), immediately report the abuse to MegaMTA, see the previous paragraph.
  • If you receive a lot of spam emails from different companies, not all with the MegaMTA banner at the bottom, it could be due to your address being registered in a database sold online. In this case, we suggest you ask the sender to know the origin of your data, in order to trace the root of the problem.