Commitment to the environment

Commitment to the environment

Adherence to the values of environmental protection is our hallmark: we internally promote a culture of attention to recycling, involving all our employees in the careful management of separate collection.

Every day we share the commitment to a better and safeguarded environment: due to its telematic nature, our systems can be defined as ecological because they do not generate waste of paper and waste.

Social accountability

Social accountability

All our activities are in accordance with the law and respect social and labour rights, with attention to the rules on recruitment and overtime.

For us, human resources are the real capital of the company: investing in it also means avoiding precarious employment relationships, favouring stable recruitment, in order to enhance people and their contribution.

Marketing etico

Marketing etico

We promote a strict anti-spam policy. For this reason, our company provides the Abuse Desk, whose experts will carefully check the reports sent by the recipients: in the event of verified spam, the Abuse Desk will limit or suspend the service.

We are committed to promoting responsible use of communication tools, opposing any privateering logic.


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